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The New Revolution with Dual Ratchet Levelers does it all!

The Newest addition to our line of Revolution Ladders is our Revolution with Dual Ratchet Levelers.  This invention is probably one of the most Ingenious and competitive ladders Ever.  No longer is there any need for moving around obstacles and uneven ground since now there are leveling legs built straight into the Little Giant Revolutionary Ladders!  Simply apply pressure with your foot to the platform above the foot of the ladder to slide the leg down to adjust up to a distance of 9.5 in.  Once the leg is no longer moving downward it immediately locks into place and stands strong. Even though it is an addition to our ladder, it doesnt lower the work rating at all.  The Revolution with Dual Ratchet Levelers remains Rated for 300lbs even with both of its Dual Ratchets fully extended.  When the job is completed, simply pull on the release latch to engage the spring mechanism inside the leg to retract it.



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Little Giant Ladder Sales has been an authorized online Little Giant Ladder Systems distributor for over ten years. We at Proladder have been providing customers with Little Giant ladders, Little Giant Parts, and Little Giant Ladder Accessories since 1989.  Little Giant makes quality product that is both OSHA and ANSI approved.  These ladders are constructed with high quality materials, such as: Aerospace grade aluminum, which provides an unmatched feeling of safety and stability, a special patented fiberglass resin for their patented design of fiberglass ladders, as well as a reinforced aluminum for the heavier duty jobs.  Little Giant Ladders are easily manueverable, and will most likely replace all of the ladders that you may be using now. In fact, buying even a smaller Little Giant Ladder is like buying 24 ladders in one. What may seem like a simple folding ladder has all the advantages of A-frame ladders, extension ladders, stairwell ladders, step ladder, and much more.  Paired with any Little Giant Accessories can make it an even more perfect tool for any job.

Our Newest ladder, The Revolution, is The Lightest Versatile Multi-Use Type 1A ladder that is currently being produced.  The Revolution's Litewave Technology is using an aluminum alloy that is also used in military grade aircraft.  As well as being very durable and strong, this particular alloy is also very light.  Adding even more stability to the world's safest ladder wasn't easy, but with with 50% wider rungs for extra comfort, and the revolutionary MAG4™ hinge lock system does just that.  The MAG4™ hinge locks into place with four pins instead of the normal two for increased ladder strength, stability, and overall safety. The Revolution features a redesigned Rock Lock™ rung lock system that makes adjusting your ladder quick and easy simply by pushing the locks to release, adjusting the ladder, then tapping the spring-loaded Rock Lock into position. It's simple, fast, and easy to use. The Revolution was built with aluminum Rock Locks and metal Palm buttons to make it last much longer than previous versions.  For even more ease of mobility, The Revolution was even designed with Tip N Glide Wheels. This makes it much easier to move around by just tipping it onto its side and walking it around.  Much easier than lifting a bulkier name brand ladder around for simple jobs.

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